miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Me encontre con una pagina interesante, hay muchos proyectos aveces que se tienen en mente, pero es dificil tener ese guia o esa guia que nos ayude a vislumbrar fructuosamente sin ser renuente, parece un invento epico esto de la electronica, renovo todo en nuestro mundo y lo hara por siempre... saludos!!

a continuacion uno pocos de datos interesante... del sitio!!


BTc PICsound One-bit sound recording/playback on a PIC One of my best works, this is PC software that displays a 8-bit mono sound file (.WAV file) and ENCODES it into a 1-bit bitstream! The bitstream can be played back very simply on any PIC or other micro with one digital output pin and one resistor and capacitor (RC network). Now updated to v3.0 BTc Encoder manages Sound Library files, and can export .BTL format to be loaded direct into the TalkBotBrain cheap sound playback hardware.

SuperFind 2.0 (for Windows) A super-fast file finder program, SuperFind is a very handy tool to find any file or quantity of files on your PC instantly.

HexCon 1.0 A programmers helper, HexCon is a small fast tool to convert between Decimal-Hex-Binary. It can also display PC keyboard codes.

6th Dec 2010. PrimeFinder 1.0 Another helper tool for programmers and math guys, PrimeFinder lets you instantly find a prime number closest to the number you enter, or tells you if your number is a prime number. It supports all decimal numbers up to 4.29 billion and is very fast.

ToMetric 1.0 (for Dos) A fast and accurate imperial-metric converter for Gerber files, ToMetric is suitable for CAD and PCB Gerber files.

EE-Draw 1.0 for Dos EEDraw is software that lets you draw circuit diagrams, flowcharts etc with the mouse, but the picture is actually made of TEXT symbols and can be saved as a normal text file! This is ideal for adding diagrams inside your text emails and allows the use of diagrams on mailing lists where attachments are not allowed.

A Binary Clock for Windows! Here is a working binary clock that runs under Windows and uses my Black-Standard for easy-readable binary clocks. I have also provided my source code for Borland C++ Builder in case you want to make your own Windows binary clock.

WavMak Waveform Maker This is software that reads numerical data from a text file and creates a wave file of any specialised waveform shape. Useful for audio testing.

BMP Hider This is software that can "hide" any file within a standard Bitmap image. The hidden file cannot be seen and can only be extracted with this program.

6th Dec 2010. Black Random Number Generator This is Windows software to generate 1mbyte of high entropy data under your control. It generates random data using my Black RNG algorithm seen elsewhere on this page.


9th Feb 2011. MikroElectronica SmartGLCD PIC module review. This module contains a large PIC 18F and a big 240x128 pixel GLCD with touchpanel. Also I did some tutorials and projects; SmartGLCD tutorials.

Jan 2010. MikroElectronica BIGPIC6 PIC development board review. This development board works with the big 80-pin 5v PICs like 18F8520. And of course I did some nice BIGPIC6 RS232 projects.

MikroElectronica EasyPIC6 PIC development board review. Finally my new EasyPIC6 arrives! I review it and compare to my trusty old EasyPIC4. I also did some fun EasyPIC6 projects.

Book review; 'PIC Microcontrollers' - Bert van Dam I review the book 'PIC Microntrollers 50 Projects for Beginners and Experts' by Bert van Dam.

Alternative Energy

The Micro Grid-Tie project My design for absolute minimalist topology of a half-wave grid-tie inverter to feed power from a small solar system back into the AC mains grid.


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